Despite the challenging start to the growing season, it was a good year for producers at the Steinbach Farmers Market. 

“I think everybody was sort of a bit late in being able to start planting,” says Dorothy Freund with Redpoll Farms. “Ourselves, on the other hand, we could plant early but then when all the rains came, the six inches that we got, a lot of our stuff actually drowned out and I would believe there would have been other vendors that would have been experiencing that same type of thing.” 

When the plants did start producing, Freund says there was good quality and quantity of vegetables. 

She says, overall, it was a year at the market. 

“We had a few interesting moments with little bit of extra winds that we may have been able to do without but as far as rain, it truly didn't hamper anything,” she reports. “And the customer flow seemed to be really, really good all the time especially at the beginning of the market as the people seemed to really look forward to the fresh vegetables and that type of thing.” 

Freund says there were 15 to 25 vendors at each market and that allowed customers easy access to a variety of produce, baked goods and other products. The final market of the season was held on Thursday. 

“I think we're all ready for a little break,” Freund says. “But by the time next spring comes, you know by January, you start looking in the seed catalogs again and I'm sure people will all be starting to wonder and think about what new (plants) they can grow for that next season.” 

Freund extends appreciation for all the dedicated vendors and faithful customers for a great year.