The Federal Minister of Labour, Seamus O'Regan, is being called on to step up and find a solution between the union and the railways.

Daryl Fransoo, chair of the Wheat Growers Association, says something has to be done.

"We have reached the point of uncertainty where the Minister needs to step up and find a solution between the union and the railways."

He notes that over the past month, they've communicated with the Minister twice and the Canadian Industrial Relations Board about the strike, but they haven't seen a response.

The Wheat Growers point out that the railways are an essential lifeline for moving our products to market, and any disruption can have devastating consequences not only for our livelihoods but also for the food security of Canadians and our international reputation as a reliable supplier.

Fransoo says we can't afford to see the railways on strike as it threatens to disrupt the transportation of critical supplies such as fertilizers and grain during the growing season.

"The Minister absolutely has some mechanisms to avoid a work stoppage or a strike. We're asking him to use everything that he has at his disposal. You know, quite frankly, Minister O'Regan should tell the union and the railway - 'Just get in the room, get a deal done, or I'm going to make it happen'. That's what we want to see. You know, a lot is at stake. It's getting pushed back to where the strike could happen at a very important time, at harvest time for farmers, and that would be a total disaster. Our grain needs to move to port, so we need some certainty."

On top of a potential rail strike, we could see a nationwide strike at Canada’s borders.

If an agreement is not reached, more than 9,000 Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) employees will begin job action across the country starting this Friday, June 7 at 4 p.m. Eastern.