Local farmers say the harvest was rolling along nicely before the rain brought operations to a halt last week. 

Ron Vermette of R.M.V. Farms says some areas are quite a bit further along than others. 

“As you get closer to the Red River, and I am guessing because it varies so much, we’re probably around 60% done. As you get further away from the Red River, there is maybe a little bit more done, more like 70%. So, our location in the general area, we are 60 to 70% done." 

Vermette notes the wheat and oats are mostly off, but they are still waiting to get to the canola, soybeans and corn. Considering how the season began, he says the corn is actually looking very good. 

“It was seeded on the late side and I think a lot of people were very concerned if it was going to have enough of a growing season to finish. So far there isn't any frost and I think corn is looking very good. It handles water very well and we have had somewhat of a decent growing season.” 

Looking to the next few weeks, Vermette adds “We don't need any rain until next year.” 

Meanwhile, Mark Reimer of Reimark Farms says they have fields in the Steinbach, Blumenort, and Ste. Anne areas. 

He too says the harvest was going smoothly until last week’s rain. 

“We are halfway through the wheat harvest, haven't harvested any other crops, they are approaching, rapidly ripening, soybeans and corn are a few weeks behind but things are maturing well and we are hopeful we won't have a frost in the next week or two.” 

If we get frost in the next few weeks, Reimer says it could cause later season crops to ripen prematurely and go down in value. 

All in all, Reimer says yields are fairly close to average this year. 

“I think it is an average crop, but a good crop considering what we started with in May and June, we are pleased with it. We would obviously love a bumper crop but prices are strong and I think we will do okay this year.” 

Things may be a bit touch-and-go over the next few days with Environment Canada calling for near-freezing weather Wednesday evening and a few more rainy days.