Residents living along Walnut Avenue in Mitchell could be getting their street resurfaced this year.

The plan is to resurface Walnut Avenue from Centre Street to Third Street at a cost of about $133,980. About $5,050 will be transferred from the LUD of Mitchell Reserve, another $29,917.29 will come from the LUD of Mitchell general operating funds and the remaining $99,012.71 will be financed. Residents living down that stretch can expect to pay $4.60 per frontage foot annually for five years.

A public hearing was held Wednesday, where several residents expressed concern. In a letter to council, Martha Loeppky, Wilhem Unrau and Bill and Betty Bergen formally objected to the plan. They suggest that because Walnut Avenue is a through street, at least half the traffic is not from Walnut residents. As a result, they believe Hanover should be covering a larger portion of the cost.

Brian Esau, Chair of the Local Urban District committee of Mitchell says the LUD has resurfaced eight other streets in the community, using this same formula. He says it would be unfair to now be inconsistent and ask all residents of Mitchell to pay for this project.

Hanover council has given first reading to a borrowing bylaw, however Reeve Stan Toews says because of the objections the matter will now be sent to the municipal board.

The plan will see a two inch asphalt overlay applied to the existing road base.