Greens superintendents have dealt with a lot these last five weeks.

A lot of precipitation that is.

Eight inches of rain followed by a Colorado Low that dumped a significant amount of snow in southern Manitoba.

And yet there is hope that the golf season may not be over.

That first glimpse of winter should be a long gone thanks to double digit temperatures that are in the forecast this weekend.

Oakwood greens superintendent Ken Bordynuik says it was tough to watch the snow come down during the Thanksgiving long weekend.

"It's extremely disappointing. We are getting near the end. Most golf courses are already planning on shutting down and so were we. We're getting everything ready for winter but it would still be nice to get a few good days of golf in."

With the temperature expected to reach 13 or 14 degrees, Bordynuik notes the 18-hole layout could be open this weekend.

Most of the snow has already melted and how it just depends on Mother Nature.

This is the second year in a row that Bordynuik has seen the golf season come to a grinding halt when autumn arrived.

"Last year it was extremely cold going into October and I believe it was about the 23rd of October when we actually had six inches of snow out here. This year not quite as cold but a lot of rain. Everyone is affected by it - golf courses, farmers. It's a really, really frustrating amount of moisture at this time of year."

"We want the course to dry out a little bit," added Bordynuik. "We want the turf to start going to bed nicely hardening off. The grass naturally prepares itself for winter and when you get extreme cold and wet like this, there's some concern about diseases for sure over the winter and again in the springtime. When you go to bed in the fall with a wet golf course, in the spring it's going to be that much wetter depending on the amount of snow that we get. It could be a tough spring for us also."

Despite a less than ideal finish to the golf season - conditions in June, July and August were outstanding.

"It was a good summer," said Bordynuik. "I know myself personally I enjoyed it and even on the golf course here it was a good summer. We had our real dry periods but I think in the southeast we were a little luckier than other people in the province. We had some fairly timely rains. Nothing crazy but the growing conditions were excellent this year. We got to use our irrigation system a fair amount. In general we had a good year."