The Junior Huskies from the Hanover Tache Junior Hockey League are excited to be back on the ice this season. 

Head Coach Ben Plett has a good feeling about this year’s team. 

He says they are looking pretty strong, and he’s thrilled that almost the entire team returned to play again this year. 

“It is awesome having a returning group. You have guys that know how you want them to play and kind of know the feel of the program. It's very different coming from playing high school hockey.” 

He says these hockey players are talented, and that they don't get enough recognition. 

“A lot of people kind of look at it more as beer league level hockey, and I don't think that's very fair to the players.” 

They play tonight at 8pm against Niverville at the T.G. Smith Centre in Steinbach.

He says the way they’ll win tonight depends on if their third line can outplay the third line of the other team. 

“See everyone’s got a good first line, you just gotta have a good third line to win.” 

He’s also hoping their team will be able to stay out of the penalty box. 

“There's nothing we hound more than staying out of the penalty box as the most penalized team over the last three years,” he says. “As coaches, we have a lot of meetings discussing how are we going to get rid of those dang penalties.”