Hip-deep in their busiest tax season yet, Leo Deurbrouck, founder of Leo’s Mobile Tax Service, is looking forward to another great year.

A self-proclaimed ‘modern day Robin Hood’, Leo’s Mobile Tax Service is helping individuals across southeastern Manitoba get every cent their due back from the government. They specialize in personal tax returns, small business accounting, and corporate accounting, taking the stress out of tax time so that you can get on with your life.

As a mobile company, Leo says it’s all in the name.

“It’s pretty simple,” he shares. “When you book an appointment, we send a professional right to your home. We do your taxes at your kitchen table, or maybe on your couch. I’ve done it one somebody’s floor a couple times. You know, whatever surface you’ve got, we’ll work on it.”

Beyond the extra, EXTRA close to home office space, what makes them stand out from the competition?

“Normally, I would say that we’re mobile, and we offer door to door service. That does set us apart. But what REALLY sets us apart is that we really try to focus on what our client’s don’t bring us.” Leo continues. “Usually, when you get your taxes done elsewhere, you plunk your T4s in front of them, they’ll put them in the system and call it a day. But when you come to see us, we look beyond what you put on the table. We’ll ask questions pertaining to your situation and try to find the tax credit that you didn’t know about. We’ll ask about additional documentation to try and maximize your refund.”

As every client is different, every interaction and appointment will be as well. Leo and his team pride themselves in not having a set format for their house calls, preferring to take them as they come in an attempt to get the most out of each interaction.

“It’s not ‘bring in your paper and we’ll push it through’,” Leo says. “It’s ‘bring yourself in, and we’re going to determine what you’re eligible for, and maybe even educate you about new or hidden credits.’”

As a business, Leo’s Mobile Tax Service does income tax returns as well as accounting and bookkeeping. They’re open year-round, and Leo stresses that this means that his staff are employed year-round as well.

“We don’t hire new tax professionals every year- you’re dealing with the same people that you had last year… ones that have been around for many years,” he states. “Unless they’re new hires, of course!”

Hiring is dependent on client volume. Leo notes that, as a volume-based business, they are always accepting clients. If they suddenly have more work than they can handle, they’ll grow, adding more members to their team to facilitate more customers.

Their service area reaches across southeastern Manitoba, typically Winnipeg to the Ontario border, and Winnipeg to the United States border.

“Book today, and I’ll be on my way,” is all Leo has to say.

For more information about Leo’s Mobile Tax Service or to request an appointment, visit https://leosmobiletaxservice.com.