Summer in the City (SITC) is just under a month away, and one of the biggest parts of the festival is Cultures in the City. 

You can expect to see a lot of the same groups coming back, Tessa Masi with Island Breeze lists some of the returning groups that will be there. 

“Some of the staples that we've had over the years that we really enjoy, of course Island Breeze is gonna be there, McConnell Irish Dancers are coming back, Norman Chief Memorial Dancers, the Korean dance group that we loved last year that brought 40 people, they're coming back.” 

They also have a bunch of new groups involved this year that haven’t performed at Cultures in the City before.

“We have the Mason Hoop Dancers. We have a French Canadian dance group. We have the Punjabi Folk Dance, Spirit 1 Taekwondo, and Nick Messner Group.” 

Food is a big part of Cultures in the City, and Masi says this year's lineup is looking spectacular. 

“We have more vendors this year than I think we've ever had before for the festival, there's a waiting list so people can't even get into sell food anymore if they didn't make the cut, so we're excited about that.” 

Masi says they will be featuring a variety of foods. 

“You can look forward to the Viet House, SEMFA, De Reggae Grill, there's a Colombian group, someone is doing spring rolls, El Vecino Foods, Curry Top Café, and of course the museum with their waffles.” 

She says it’s great to show off all these different cultures in Steinbach. 

“We have so many new cultures that are continuing to move into Steinbach, and it's really exciting to see. And one of the best ways to be able to showcase that is through music and dance.” 

The festival is made up of a bunch of people who are eager to participate. 

“Cultures is something that is so easy to plan because the groups are so eager to join us on the street. And there's so much culture here in Steinbach, it's not a hard thing to find, which is amazing.” 

Masi talks about what she is looking forward to the most: 

“I just love seeing all the groups come out and being able to interact together, and meet each other, and come out with their new dances and outfits and stuff like that. It’s just really cool to see the reaction from the crowd getting to experience something for the first time.” 

Cultures in the City is on from June 16 to 18 on Friday evening, all day Saturday, and then Sunday afternoon. 


With files from Corny Rempel and Carly Koop