Steinbach's Summer in the City festival broke a number of records in 2022, and that is now helping them make plans for this year's event. 

Board Chair Audrey Harder says they sold out both main stage shows for the first time ever, broke line-up records which is both a good sign and a bad sign, and even saw record-high temperatures

“I think the highlights were the concerts. We waited three years for the Hunter Brothers to come and they were finally here. To sell out and to see everybody there, enjoying their time, and the crowds, having everything back was amazing." 

Harder says the success was phenomenal, but now they need to work out how to keep up. 

“We always say that we are going to go bigger and better. We say it every year and at some point, we may have to add more streets in, we are not sure but we are definitely looking at building on that.”  

She adds “We've talked about getting more rides, we have talked about a few things. The only thing we can't control is the weather but it was so good last year and we can definitely do just as well this coming year.” 

Summer in the City 2023 will also be the first festival without being under the umbrella of the City of Steinbach. Harder says this is new territory. 

“We are our own organization now. We are a non-profit so that makes it a little different for us. We have to think a little bit more about the financial piece and there are more worries there but we are looking forward to it.” 

Harder says going forward, outside funding is going to be important. 

“When we are doing our sponsorship and looking for people to help pay, we are going to have to look for a little more maybe, we are going to have to be more cautious about where that money goes after too.”