Kaylee Davies, a 20-year-old ringette player from La Broquerie, recently competed at the World Ringette Championships for Team Canada where they won silver, placing second overall. 

Team Canada is made up of a roster of 22 athletes, and Davies says being on that roster has been a great experience. 

“I've met a lot of great people and it's been really awesome playing at such a high level.” 

She has been playing for 15 years now, and says competing at Worlds has been a goal of hers for a really long time. 

“I had to work really hard for it, so it was never a given that it was something that I'd be able to achieve.”  

Kaylee Davies

Davies says competing at Worlds was a really good experience. 

“It was really exciting to get to play at that level, and we didn't get the end result that we were hoping for, but it was a great experience.” 

She has never competed on this big of a scale before, and shares how she felt. 

“It was a little intimidating going there because I didn't know anybody at first, and knowing that all the other girls are also really competitive and great athletes was a bit nerve-wracking to go into, but it was good.” 

Davies explains that to make Team Canada, you have to get scouted. 

Throughout their regular season, they compete at different tournaments and events which scouts attend.

“Then you have to get an invite to go to tryouts, which were in May, and then from the tryouts they make their final team.” 

Team Canada had a few camps throughout the summer to prepare for championships. 

The camps were the selection camp in May, training camps in July and August, and then they got together a couple of days before Worlds in Calgary. 

The athletes were also put on a workout program. 

“We had to do the different workouts each day and then our team also did Zoom meetings almost every other week throughout the summer, so that we would stay connected and could learn even though we weren't together.” 

Davies is now playing for the NRL Herd, which is Manitoba’s National Ringette League team.

Kaylee Davies


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