Tache Fire Chief Allen Rau says he and his crew attended a call they will never forget this past weekend. 

Rau says the incident occurred late Sunday afternoon. 

"We received a call of a child being stuck in a play structure component at one of our schools here in Lorette. When we arrived, there was a young girl, she was folded up inside a what appears to be a drum. On one end it had a drum top and at the bottom it was open and she had climbed in there.” 

Rau says the drum was made of a heavy plastic and the young girl was really wedged in there.  

“We tried to get her out by pushing her up a little bit and then bringing her legs down but that wasn't happening, so we ended up cutting a relief inside this plastic drum, and then 2 guys grabbed either side and spread it open, and we got her out of there.” 

The Tache Fire Department once helped a child who was stuck in a baby swing seat, but Rau notes these types of calls do not come in often and they are memorable.  

Fortunately, Rau adds “She was unharmed. She was crying, of course, and she was a little stiff, but completely unharmed. A happy story at the end, not for the play structure, but for her.” 

a group of firefighters look up into a plastic drum attached to a play structureRau says the team made a few attempts to get the girl out before cutting the drum

Keanna Deslaurier posted to the Lorette Community Discussion Board Facebook page saying it was her daughter that was stuck.

She thanked the firefighters, noting “BIG shout-out to the fire department for getting her out! They ended up having to cut her out and I’m so thankful these guys were so very careful and fast at responding!” 

This was an odd one, but Rau says the Tache Fire Department is always willing to help out where they are needed. 

He has contacted the school about the damage, but so far, he has not heard back.