The Tache Fire Department is currently battling a barn fire west of Lorette.

Fire Chief Allan Rau says they were dispatched to Poirier Road at 3:15 pm. Crews arrived to find a barn used for hay storage engulfed in flames.

Rau stresses there were no animals inside. The metal-clad barn was used for storing bales, as well as a tractor and baler.

He notes the structure, and its contents are a total loss. 

Rau says there were no injuries. 

He notes they are not certain what caused the fire and are currently in discussions with the Office of the Fire Commissioner. Rau says with the bales fueling the fire, they need to bring in a backhoe to begin tearing the building apart in order to extinguish the blaze but also to further investigate the cause.

According to Rau, the fire created a lot of smoke, however, there are no residences nearby that are affected. 

Rau says the building was approximately 70 feet by 40 feet. He notes the owner has indicated that the loss of the contents is approximately half a million dollars.

The Tache Fire Department is expected to remain on scene for at least a few more hours. 


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