There are three capital projects underway in the Hanover School Division and Superintendent Shelley Amos says things are moving along nicely for the new K-4 school in Steinbach

“The work that the board and senior admin will undertake this year is naming the school and then the catchment work that comes along with the new school,” Amos says. “So, we'll be endeavoring on that very soon and engaging community in some input for the new school.” 

This school is being built on Parkland Drive in the west part of Steinbach. It is scheduled for completion in 2025, at an estimated cost of $39.7 million.


Floor plan for main floor of new school.

Floor plan for second floor of new school.Floor plans courtesy of

The two-storey school covers 62,304 sq. ft. and will provide space for 500 students in K-4 and can be expanded to accommodate up to 600 students. 

There will be 19 classrooms in this new school as well as a daycare for 74 children. 

Meanwhile, construction is also underway on a four-classroom addition at the Mitchell Middle School, covering approximately 5,400 sq. feet with an estimated cost of $3.3 million.

Exterior of construction site at Mitchell Middle School.Four classrooms are being added to Mitchell Middle School. (Photo Credit:

 “The foundation has been poured and you can actually physically see the difference and visualize where the classrooms are going to be. So, we're on track with that one and very pleased.” 

There is still some work to be finished on plans for the addition at Green Valley School in Grunthal and Amos says they won’t have a timeline for construction until they get the green light from the province. 

“But we still are expecting it to be approved and looking forward to moving forward with the new gym addition at that school and three classroom addition, is what is being hoped for.” 


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