It was an awe-inspiring experience for a woman from Steinbach. Anne Friesen attended a private garden party with Queen Elizabeth at Rideau Hall in Ottawa last week.

Friesen tells us it was a special moment when the Queen approached, coming within one foot of her and giving her a warm smile. She explains, all the guests were invited to line up along a path in the garden for the Queen's walkabout and that was when the magic moment occured.

Friesen adds she never expected to have an opportunity to see the Queen in person. She went to Ottawa as a representative of Provencher MP Vic Toews.

Friesen says, eventhough the Queen is 84 years old, she doesn't look like it, walking stairs unassisted and looking at people in the eye with a radiant smile.


Steinbach RCMP Sergeant Joanne Ryll(wearing sunglasses) is part of the contingent escorting the Queen on her Canadian Visit  (photo by Zoe Clark)