A man who grew up in southeastern Manitoba is now a chart-topping music producer.

Josh Schroeder is currently living in Michigan and has been a full-time music producer for the past 12 years. His recent rise is thanks to an EP he produced for a hardcore/deathcore band called Lorna Shore. The biggest hit of their EP is “To the Hellfire”.

Schroeder says he likes to follow the artists he works with and this one, in particular, blew up.

"I predominantly work with metal, hardcore, all these sub-genres of music. I knew that EP was doing really well because it was Spotify's viral top 50 so it is a pretty big pond to be doing well in because that encompasses everything from pop to rap to country, you name it. If you crack that top 50, you are doing pretty good."

Music producers often don’t get a lot of attention so Schroeder says seeing his name in a Billboard headline came as quite the surprise.

"I had no idea that Billboard tracked producers specifically until one of the bands I work with hit me up and was like 'hey congrats dude' and I'm like 'for what?' and he sent me the link. I didn't even know this was a thing. It is cool, it is a nice recognition of the hard work that I have been doing."

Schroeder says he is happy to share this success with these hard-working musicians.

"Especially with a band like Lorna Shore that I really like personally and we've got along, we have done a lot of stuff over the last few years together and I like them all personally and they all are super hardworking and they are insane in the best way possible."

Schroeder says he hopes this little bit of recognition leads to more talented artists reaching out to collaborate.