An art exhibit opened Friday night at the Steinbach Arts Council featuring the work of Pierrette Sherwood, a French-Canadian Métis artist. 

She spent a lot of time getting ready for this exhibit of reclaimed metal art. 

“I spent long hours in the studio, and it was nice for me too, though, to rekindle the flames of my creativity and to get back into that kind of groove." 

The exhibit includes pieces that are made from metal saws. 

Along with the time that goes into each creation, Sherwood puts a lot of her heart and soul into each piece. 

Sometimes, she will see a piece of metal and know right away what it should turn out to be. There are many pieces of metal and Sherwood has no shortage of ideas. 

“My studio is filled with remnants and bits and pieces,” she says with a laugh. “I'm like an old farmer. I don't throw anything away. There's no lack of ideas, I've got a thousand ideas.” 

Sherwood says she has many pieces of scraps that somehow take shape, without a plan. 

“It evolves as I do it,” she says. 

Sometimes, Sherwood has an idea of what a piece will become, but then it turns out to be something completely different. 

“And that's kind of nice too, because there's that element of surprise and all my pieces have their own little character that comes out too. So, even though I might have a vision to start with, it definitely evolves through the process.” 

Sherwood says it is a lot of fun to be creative with metal. It was her interest in reclaimed materials and metals that led her to take a welding course at Red River College in 2007. She then took a metal-smithing course at Metchosin International School of the Arts in 2010. 

Sherwood is the founder of the Dawson Trail Arts and Heritage Tour, and a recent recipient of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal. 

“Between Earth and Sky” exhibit will run until December 8th at Steinbach Arts Council. 

-With files from Adi Loewen.


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