Scott Crick will be running for his second term as Mayor of the Town of Morris on October 26th. Crick says a list of unfinished projects played a big part in his decision to run again. 

When Council set out four years ago under his leadership, Crick says the plans they had, which included expanding the industrial park, were derailed in many ways by things that have happened in the past few years, like the pandemic and the flood this spring. 

Crick says this is a situation not unique to the Town of Morris, but to many municipal governments over the four years. 

It's been a challenge over the last four years to get out and market the community "to let people know how great it is", said Crick, adding that will be one priority in the next term if he's re-elected. 

"I think also another component, and hats off to Deputy Mayor Chris Hamblin on this one, is we're continuing to pursue assisted living or some form of supportive seniors housing within the community. She's done a great job pulling people together, and I feel like we're actually making genuine progress with an actual plan for doing something long-term for not just Morris, but the region." 

Crick says that the whole process was delayed during the last term, especially by COVID, and his hope is they will get some great traction on that again if voted back in as mayor. 

There have been some highlights too over the last term, which Crick highlighted as well. 

"It's been an interesting time of service as a municipal official and I know sitting around at council, we often remark, I don't think anyone really signed up for the last four years that we've had. That being stated, the group of councillors that we had and myself, I think we're fortunately or hopefully, the right people for the right time with the challenges that we've had." 

Crick says he hopes if given another four years, they can take the positive momentum they have had despite the challenges in front of them and leverage that, "and like I say often because I do like to golf, sink a few putts."