The new Public Works Building in the RM of Ste. Anne is seen as a huge step toward preparing for the future. It was only a few weeks ago that council announced the $2.4-million lagoon expansion was nearing completion. And last week, an official grand opening was held for the new public works building.

Operations Manager Kevin Medeiros says the $2-million facility is setting the municipality up for success.

Operations Manager Kevin Medeiros

“It gives us opportunity to grow,” he explains. “That’s probably the biggest advantage to having the new shop to the old one.”

Medeiros says they were space locked with having two graders in the old Quonset. The new building has space for more equipment that will be added as time goes on. There are also drive through bays to get equipment out more conveniently and safely.

One bay is set up for easy washing of the machines.

Councillor Randy Eros says planning for the future requires a good look at what the needs will be decades down the road.

“It was 60 years since we built the last one and it might be another 60 years before we build the next one,” Eros says.

The municipality maintains 220 miles of road and that is expected to increase as more development occurs.

Eros notes the RM received a $27,000 rebate from Manitoba Hydro as the result of the new facility exceeding environmental standards. The facility has a number of features including access to the municipality’s solar panels.