Another hail storm rolled through the southeastern Monday night.  

Around 7:45, quarter-sized hail was seen in New Bothwell and the surrounding area. 

This follows a number of other large storms that have hit the region recently including a system that brought torrential downpours to large swaths of the Southeast this past Friday. 

Danielle Desjardins, a Meteorologist with Environment Canada, says it has been a busy few weeks in southern Manitoba. 

"We have had quite a few low-pressure systems, fronts things like that rolling through and that has been triggering thunderstorms, especially over the southern prairies. We have seen quite a few rounds of thunderstorms and some of them have become severe and produced heavy downpours and large hail."

It may seem like we have had far more hail than normal this year, however, Desjardins says that’s not necessarily the case.  

"Hail over the southern prairies is very normal for this time of year, however, it does seem, just because we have had all of these events back-to-back, that it has been more than normal. I would say this really isn't uncommon for this time of year."

Desjardins says we have had a few summers in a row with below-normal thunderstorm and hail activity which makes the weather this year feel more extreme. 

That said, Desjardins notes our spring was certainly wetter than normal. She says it’s still hard to say how much precipitation will fall during the summer months.  

"Last year was incredibly dry and even over the summer until August but this year the spring was very wet. I am not sure what the summer is going to bring. We are kind of in a La Nina pattern so it could be a little bit wetter than normal if that trend continues but it is hard to say more than a week or so out."