Golfing season has come to a start in the Southeast, and with that, Quarry Oaks Golf Course has made some new improvements. 

Quarry Oaks had their opening day on Tuesday, and business development and events head of Quarry Oaks, Mike Pittman, says opening day was extra special this year. 

“I started working at Quarry Oaks in 2015 and we've never really had an opening like this before, and what I'm referring to is some new exciting announcements to the golf course.” 

One of these exciting announcements is that Quarry Oaks has brought in 100 brand-new Golf carts. 

“Which I'm sure we all can agree, if you've golfed at Quarry Oaks before, that it's been a long time coming for those, so we're super excited about that.” 

They have also added brand-new hole signs on every single hole at the course.  

“So every single hole you tee off on all three nines will have a detailed sign with some hole information, and it will also feature some amazing local businesses.” 

He says the golf course held up pretty well throughout the winter. 

“Talking to our Superintendent, he says the greens wintered really well. There's a little bit of fairway mold, but he says that'll just grow through throughout the season. So all in all, he says it looks good.” 

He says the golfing season seems to change depending on the month. 

"When you first open, it's a lot of the public, a lot of your members, 10 game pass holders. And then June becomes tournament season, and basically Monday to Friday we got two or three tournaments booked every single day there,” he says. “And then when July hits, everyone's on vacation mode again and you get your members and your 10 game pass holders back again, and your public, and then August turns into tournament season again.” 

He says they recently got a lot of new people interested in golfing in the last few years, and now they just want to maintain that and continue to grow. 

“It's no secret that the pandemic was good for golf, none of us saw that coming. And I think now is really good timing for us to introduce the new carts and the new signs and major course improvements because now we just want to keep that train rolling.” 


With files from Dave Anthony