The Rural Municipality of Hanover has received its provincial grant for 2020. Reeve Stan Toews says the province has cut them a cheque for $1,098,009.18.

Toews explains the province has changed its funding model in recent years. The province still funds such things as recreation and transportation in the municipality, however, rather than receiving separate grants, everything now comes in one lump sum.

"Now we have to split this stuff out on our own," says Toews.

According to Toews, this year's total is the same as last year. But, he notes it is less than the total they used to get from the province.

Toews points out they used to receive $400,000 alone for road rebuilding. But, this year, twenty per cent of the total grant is earmarked for transportation, which works out to just under $220,000.

Hanover's Chief Financial Officer explains there is no specific allocation for the remaining eighty per cent. Rather, it is absorbed into general operations to reduce taxes for ratepayers.