Pioneer Days celebrations haven’t happened in Steinbach and the Mennonite Heritage Village Museum (MHV) since August 2019. We may even use phrases like, “remember when” and “we used to” line up along Main Street on parade day or spend all weekend at the MHV munching on freshly baked schnetke and homemade rhubarb jam, checking out the Blacksmith shop and visiting the farm animals. 

to do for months. He says, their summer staff and volunteers have been working hard behind the scenes to get everything ready, “and now it's here and we're just super excited.”

Goertzen continues, “we've already been seeing people from across Manitoba, from local communities, and we've even seen some inter-provincial travellers that are travelling across Canada. They are carrying their immunization cards, and doing what they can to enjoy Canada this summer.”

He goes on to explain that even though there is no official Pioneer Days weekend, they are once again hosting “Demonstration Saturdays” at the MHV.

“We tried it last year and we thought it was really good. We had great interactions. The guests enjoyed seeing demonstrations and our volunteers loved putting on the event that demonstrates what early settlers in Manitoba

were experiencing. So, that’s what we're doing again every Saturday (this year).”

Goertzen says the Museum is open on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm with demonstrations and interpreters in the Museum buildings to explain pioneer life from 10am to 3pm.

When it comes to a staycation destination, he says, “the great thing about the MHV is that we’re close by. We’re not a long trip. We’re just a few minutes away. And people throughout southeastern Manitoba have access to us within a 15 – 30-minute drive. We've got lots going on here. Our restaurant is open for lunch at 11am and the bookstore is open 9 to 5 seven days a week. The galleries are all open as well.”

Goertzen goes on to talk about their current exhibit “Mennonites at War” in the Gerhard Enns Gallery, which has been drawing a lot of interest from a wide variety of people.

“We don't necessarily put those two words together very often ‘Mennonites’ and ‘War’ but this time we are. It's a really interesting take on this topic, and it includes the many different reactions we have had on our path to war.”