A family in Pansy is hoping their 13-year-old daughter will soon get a kidney transplant. 

Sharon Steeves says their daughter Fallon is getting dialysis at home every night and she is on the transplant list. 

“She is at the moment, and that has been a very rocky road because her hemoglobin had kept dropping and then they would take her off the list,” says Steeves. “And then they would put her back on when her hemoglobin would come back up again. It's just been very hard to get things balanced, you get one thing fixed and something else goes off.” 

Steeves encourages people to consider becoming a living kidney donor

The most recent statistics available at transplantmanitoba.ca indicate that in our province in 2021, there were 15 living kidney donor transplants. 

When it comes to organ transplants, there are several things that need to line up, such as blood type and various markers.

Steeves says that it was suggested to search for a familial match for Fallon, but that would prove to be quite a challenge as her daughter was adopted from Ukraine.

She says doctors discovered Fallon's failing health shortly after she arrived in Manitoba in May 2020.

You can visit transplantmanitoba.ca to get more information on becoming a living kidney donor.

-With files from Carly Koop