La Broquerie Council met for their organizational meeting earlier this week and Councillor Ivan Normandeau was voted in as deputy reeve for the second year in a row.

“I have no problem being deputy reeve, I enjoy it, I like working with the municipality, I like working with our residents so I really have no issues,” says Normandeau who appreciates the vote of confidence. “I think it’s great. Council respects me and they respect my opinions and it shows that we are working together.”

The deputy reeve’s role is to chair meetings on the reeve’s behalf in the cases of absenteeism or conflict of interest and also to represent the Rural Municipality at functions the reeve himself is unable to attend. However, because COVID-19 put a stop to most social events near the beginning of 2020, Normandeau says the position so far has been essentially no different than that of an ordinary councillor.

“Until we put COVID-19 behind us, my functions will basically remain the same as they have always been,” Normandeau says. Nevertheless, he is happy with two consecutive nominations.

Reeve Lewis Weiss says he too is glad to have Normandeau by his side again.

“I asked him if it would be okay with him to run again and he said ‘yes’,” Weiss remarks.

The reeve says he enjoyed working beside Normandeau in 2020 and assumes he will also enjoy it in 2021.