A new pedestrian bridge was installed in Niverville between Drover’s Run and Station Park on Tuesday. 

This bridge is designed to fit seamlessly into Niverville’s pedestrian transportation network, which provides 5 feet of concrete and 5 feet of asphalt so both cyclists and pedestrians can move safely.  

While the bridge is in place, it is not quite ready for pedestrian use, so the town asks that you refrain from using it for the time being.  

Niverville Mayor Myron Dyck says there were some challenges around putting up the bridge because of weather, timing, and logistics.  

Town Operations were able to remedy this by installing the wooden walkway themselves, as well as craning the bridge into place.  

“The crane came and the bridge was put on a flat deck truck, so it was craned off the truck and into place. Now we just need to build the concrete from the bridge to the granular path, so there'll be a concrete pad on either side of the bridge.” 

They are hoping to pour the concrete in the next few days.  

The bridge was designed and constructed by Fusion Industries in Niverville, and Dyck says it turned out even better than he had expected. 

“The intricacies of some of the metalworks, and I even think it's wider than I had imagined.” 

Throughout the winter, the city’s public works team will ensure snow on the bridge is regularly cleared so pedestrians can use it safely. 

He notes council has contacted the railway company about getting pedestrian arms for the train tracks. 

There have been inquiries for pedestrian arms there as well as some of the other crossing points like Crown Valley Road. 

“Whether it's vehicular arms or whatever, instead of just the standard rural X that you get noting the crossing.” 

Dyck says council cares about resident's safety and will continue to discuss, but there is nothing that will be done immediately. 


With files from Adi Loewen 


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