2021 was a year like no other when it comes to house sales in Steinbach.

In fact, Peter Squire, a market analyst with Multiple Listing Service says it is now three consecutive record years for single-family home sales in the Automobile City. In 2021, there were 600 such sales, compared to 565 in 2020 and 441 in 2019.

"441 sales in 2019, and you should know that was still a record year," says Squire. "That just shows you how far Steinbach has come along."

In terms of dollar volume, Squire says Steinbach reached the $200 million mark in sales for the first time ever in 2021. The average selling price for a single-family home was $332,567, which is up considerably from $303,800 from only one year earlier. That is a jump of nine per cent, slightly below the 11 per cent increase for the entire region.

The number of listings in 2021 was nearly identical to 2020. Last year there were 719 listings, which is one fewer than the year earlier. As a result, the conversion rate jumped from 79 per cent in 2020 up to 83 per cent last year.

Squire says the condominium market also reached a new level in 2021. There were 76 sales from 91 listings for a conversion rate of 84 per cent in 2021. That is compared to 59 sales from 89 listings and a conversion rate of 66 per cent one year earlier.

The average selling price for a condominium in Steinbach rose from $200,314 in 2020 to $218,374 last year.

Squire says another remarkable statistic from Steinbach in 2021 is that for the first time they had an MLS area with more than 1,000 MLS sales. This includes all property types, not only single-family home sales and condominiums.

Squire gives a few reasons for the hot Steinbach market in 2021. Similar to what he has been saying for a couple of years now, he notes the historically low interest rates are a factor, and so too is the pandemic as it has motivated people to move into a space that is more suitable for their needs. But, Squire gives one other reason.

"I just think Steinbach is really out in front in planning for their infrastructure and planning for future growth, and being very active in doing that," he suggests. "And setting the stage for the entire region around them."

As for 2022, Squire says though it will be difficult to replicate the success of last year, he remains optimistic that Steinbach will continue to perform very well.