“People were waiting for us.”

Chirag Patel, owner-operator of Brandt Pharmacy at 106-32 Brand St. in Steinbach, has been busy from the get-go. Since opening his doors in March, he’s noticed an eagerness for modern pharmacy services—especially given the ongoing stress on healthcare providers.

“Health facilities in this area are running at maximum capacity,” he explains. And with Steinbach and surrounding communities continuing to grow, demand for services will only increase. It’s why he’s been able to meet a need while reducing the strain on doctors and nurses.

“We’ve started doing virtual enhanced care at Brandt Pharmacy,” says Patel. “It’s a new adventure for us. We wanted to bring a clinical service to our location so we could help with things like eye and ear infections, mobility issues, sore throats and urinary tract infections.”

How it works is a patient will receive an assessment from a doctor or nurse practitioner contacted virtually, after which they’ll receive a prescription depending on the diagnosis. Patel also points out that he and his staff can administer tests for strep, oxygen, temperature and urine culture. Going forward, he says he hopes to bring a physician on board full-time.

Another popular component of Brandt Pharmacy’s offerings is its home delivery—free to residents of Steinbach, Mitchell, St. Anne, Kleefeld, Blumenort, New Bothwell and La Broquerie. Certified pharmacists are also available to make home visits on request for services such as blood pressure checks, medication monitoring and vaccinations.

“Basically, all pharmacy services we try to provide at home,” says Patel. “We’re bringing our pharmacy to your door.”

Patel also points out that free COVID-19 vaccinations remain available at his location, and rapid antigen tests can be conducted for just $20. Results and documentation for travel are ready in less than half-an-hour.

Overall, it’s the personal touch of a local, independent pharmacy that defines Brandt.

Growing up in a small town in India, Patel faced numerous challenges. But, he says, “we have very strong family values in our culture, and I want to bring those family values into our business here. That’s why every customer who walks through our doors will be treated as a family member.”

Patel is also overjoyed with how he and Brandt Pharmacy have been welcomed in Steinbach.

“The welcome from the community has been such an amazing experience,” he says. “The people here have kind hearts. I want to thank everyone who has been supporting us.”

Brandt Pharmacy, at 106-32 Brandt St. in Steinbach, is open Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Saturday, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

They can be reached at (204) 480-0800 and brandtpharmacy@gmail.com.