The Mayor of Steinbach is pleased that Premier Brian Pallister will leave it up to municipalities to decide where marijuana shops are allowed to be located when they become legal next

Mayor Chris Goertzen     jULY July. Chris Goertzen says the legalization of recreational marijuana is something that has been approved by the federal government and the city has been given no say in that matter. But, he adds, at least the city will have the power to say where the outlets can be set up.

"Here in Steinbach, we recognize that this is a policy that's coming from other levels of government. For the provincial government to say that local municipalities will continue to have a role to play in deciding if and where products are sold is important. And, I think we welcome that. Obviously, our council has not talked about what those policies might look like. We will gather information and make some decisions in the New Year in regards to that."

Goertzen notes the city's Zoning Bylaw already contains rules for things like liquor sales and where tattoo parlours are allowed to be set up.

"In our Zoning Bylaw, we have rules and regulations as to where alcohol can be sold, we have rules and regulations about other types of businesses that we may want to restrict the use of or restrict which area they can occupy. This will fall under that same category. Obviously, we want to have control over where these things happen in our community. Council will look at it carefully, look at the information we are given from our administration and other communities and make some decisions in the New Year as to how that will look for Steinbach."