Environment Canada issued a Special Weather Statement that notes there is a developing system that has the potential to bring freezing rain and snowfall to southern Manitoba this weekend. 

There is a low-pressure system that will develop over Alberta today and it might bring a large area of freezing rain to parts of southwest Manitoba and the Red River Valley on Sunday. 

We can expect the freezing rain to develop early Sunday morning and then blossom eastward as the low progresses. 

North of the freezing rain, snow that has potential to be heavy will spread from western Manitoba through the Interlake region. 

Environment Canada notes there is significant uncertainty with this system due to there being quite a range in weather model solutions regarding timing, temperature, and location. 

“Variation in temperature by even a single degree will have the potential to greatly change the type of precipitation that will fall.” 

In the Steinbach area, daytime and nighttime temperatures are hovering around the freezing point

Saturday’s high is +1 and an overnight low of –3 is expected. Then for Sunday, the temperature will be around +1 with a low of 0. Rain is expected to continue Sunday night and into Monday. 


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