When people see the big SWEATY TRAINING & CONDITIONING sign, they may wonder, how exactly are people getting sweaty, and why are they so proud of it?

Trainer Jeff Eidse explains that theirs is not a typical gym-type name… because they’re not a typical gym.

“We’re a private training centre with a focus on achieving high performance in every aspect of life, whether it be athletics or everyday functionality. So we work with elite athletes, young up-and-coming athletes, as well as people recovering from injury.”

So what allows Sweaty Training to help their clients achieve this level of skill and strength?

“Everybody here at Sweaty holds a degree in kinesiology,” reveals Eidse, who together with his wife Theresa owns and operates the high-performance athletic training facility from their location in the heart of downtown Steinbach.

“We’re easy to find,” adds Eidse. “Kind of across Main Street from the Steinbach Credit Union.”

He says that right now, the majority of the athletes training at Sweaty are hockey players, but the training they provide extends far beyond the one sport.

“Hockey’s the biggest one. Close behind that, we have volleyball athletes. We also work with quite a few athletes from other sports including badminton, ringette, soccer, and college track and field.”

And soon they’ll be adding baseball to that list, as Sweaty Training introduces Baseball Camps this November and individual baseball skills training.

“We’ve just put up two full-length baseball nets, pitching and batting cages in here,” explains Eidse. “We also can open it up into one full nice open space, so we can do fielding work, too. So our 16-week baseball camp starts in November, alongside options like one-on-one or buddy training.”

When it comes to training teams, Eidse says the testing is key, and they have invested in the latest technology to ensure the highest level of validity in fitness testing.

“We do sport-specific testing, according to what coaches are looking to gain – so we have tests that are beneficial for each sport that comes through – and when there are other tests that coaches feel would deliver valid feedback, we can run those as well,” says Eidse.

Sweaty Training and Conditioning boasts extremely precise agility testing, which includes jump mats for testing vertical height, and testing for a variety of speed, power, and strength metrics. Because each test is standardized, the results are reliable.

What else is new at Sweaty? Senior fitness classes!

“Our senior classes are geared for people who are 65 and older. It’s a fun, group-oriented class that meets two mornings each week, with a focus on stability training. As we age, stability and power decreases fairly rapidly, so in this class we work on maintaining stability as much as possible, alongside maintaining general fitness levels – so that as you age, your fitness levels aren’t deteriorating.”

Eidse clarifies that while the senior class workout is with a group, each individual progresses according to their unique physiological makeup and fitness requirements.

“Each of us on staff at Sweaty has an extensive background in kinesiology, so we know to adapt exercises according to each person who walks in our door. So with our senior classes, the overall structure may look the same, but individual differences will exist within that group setting.”

This gives the senior group classes a feeling of camaraderie, fun, and momentum, while at the same time providing a workout that meets each individual where they’re at, maintaining overall safety.

“We also have a massage therapist on staff,” adds Eidse. “And, like everyone else here, he holds a kinesiology degree. So he has a very deep knowledge of the human body and physiology, especially when it comes to sport and rehab.”

For those looking to keep their baseball skills sharp throughout the winter, Eidse reveals their batting cages are also available on a rental basis.

Sound good? Wanna get Sweaty?

To learn more or for a free fitness consultation, you can call or text (204) 979-6277, visit Sweaty Training & Conditioning at 306 Main Street in Steinbach, or find them online at www.sweatytraining.com.