The Kleefeld Local Urban District committee is planning three capital projects for this year.

Chair Dawn Oude Voshaar says all three involve sidewalks. She notes they are looking to install a concrete sidewalk off College Avenue. The sidewalk will run north, up 4th Street from College Avenue to Barkman Avenue. It will then run west, from 4th Street to Barak Drive, and then head south down Barak Drive from Barkman Avenue back to College Avenue. The anticipated cost of this project is $137,000.

The second project involves the installation of a concrete sidewalk along Beechwood Street from Friesen Avenue to Briarwood Avenue. The anticipated cost of this project is $55,000.

The final project involves the installation of a connector asphalt sidewalk from Aspen Drive to Deerpath Drive. The anticipated cost of this project is $18,750.

The anticipated cost of all three projects is $210,750. The LUD committee has also budgeted a reserve transfer of $74,383 for 2024. The current balance of the reserve fund is $200,125. The anticipated year-end balance of the reserve is $274,508. The committee is not budgeting to use any reserve funds in 2024. 

The total expense estimates for 2024 is $422,584. The LUD committee is planning to recover a projected deficit of $15,000 from 2023 with operational revenue. 

Oude Voshaar says they will be raising the mill rate in 2024 to 5.0 mills. This is a .25 increase from 2023. 

"A little bit of an increase," she says. "We need to do that so we can keep making our projects happen."

Meanwhile, the Kleefeld LUD committee will be hosting a public meeting on April 23rd at 7 pm at the recreation centre. Oude Voshaar says residents will get a chance to ask questions concerning the 2024 service plan.