South Eastman Rotary held its 3rd annual Jailbreak fundraiser at the Clearspring Centre on May 22.  

Local celebrities were arrested and put in jail until they raised enough money to post their bail.  

They raised just over $25,000 and donated it to local charities including Recreation Opportunities for Children (ROC) Eastman and Steinbach Family Resource Centre.  

Jo-Anne Dalton from the Rotary Club explains what the past month has looked like for the Jailbreak event. 

“We had 14 local celebrities raising their bail money. We’ve had wanted posters and hilarious crimes that they’ve been charged with circulating around social media and through their own contacts and networks.” 

Dalton also works with Steinbach Family Resource. She explains what the group plans to do with the funds. 

“This is going to support our parenting program, which has seen wait list upon wait list all year long for the last few years,” Dalton says. “Our goal is family, recreation, and education. When the kids are happy, connected, attached, and purposeful, we can break barriers to health.”  

She is very thankful to the many volunteers and the community for making this event happen. 

“When community members are willing to do this on behalf of charities, it really drives home how many people value the work that we do as organizations that are supporting families and our community.” 

ROC Eastman will use the donations to continue to help kids get involved in sports and other recreational activities.  

Dennis Redikop, community constable for the Steinbach RCMP speaks about how much he enjoys being a part of the day. 

“It’s a fun day filled with different experiences, different situations and it’s important to get involved and work with different partnerships and organizations,” Constable Redikop says. “On a day-to-day basis we catch criminals, but today it’s a fun way to catch different local celebrities for an event for a good cause.” 

Constable Redikop arresting Ken Dyck Constable Redikop arresting Ken Dyck

Devyn Bartel, a financial advisor at River Financial and board member of ROC Eastman was arrested for “trespassing into Area 51”.  

“It’s important for us to recognize what events like this do in regards to exposure to people that are less fortunate or don’t have the same resources available to them,” explains Bartel. “We take it for granted. It’s important to get involved and to recognize that.” 

He goes on to talk about the arrest. 

“I didn’t fight back. I did say there was a back door, and I could probably outrun the officer, but he threatened me with a K9 unit. So, I backed down.”  

Dalton expresses that they are hoping to get more donations over the next few days. 

There is still a chance to support! Visit the South Eastman Rotary website to donate.  

-With files from Dave Anthony and Michelle Sawatzky

Check out some photos from the Jailbreak: