Wendy's Show Us Your Summer is back, and we want to see your summer in photos all season long!  Submit a photo for the current round for a chance to win a $200 gift card plus a Frosty Stuffy from Wendy's.  All you need to do is take a photo of YOU and your favourite Wendy's treat and submit it at Wendy's Show Us Your Summer!

Sacha shared her photo and said that her favourite treat at Wendy's involves breakfast, "Wendys breakfast is always my favorite. I would eat there all the time but I can't. And to top it off all the people there are so nice and friendly!"

Jarrod seems to like breakfast at Wendy's as well as he said, "I love me a breakfast baconator while heading out for the first job of the day."

Submit your photo in this current round of Wendy's Show Us Your Summer for a chance to win before Friday!  Our first winner will be chosen on Friday, May 31st, and keep checking out the contest page to find out what the next photo submission will be and what prize you could win!