After four years of design, project tender, and new construction and retrofit of the existing facilities, HavenGroup’s Rest Haven expansion is nearing completion. Now there’s just one more step – hiring additional staff to operate the home at full capacity.

“We launched the project with an official announcement in February of 2019,” says HavenGroup CEO David Driedger. “By May of 2022 we moved our existing residents into the new building, and another 60 residents from their homes, hospitals, or from other personal care homes. We're now sitting nearly at 90 residents, with capacity for 96. When the final phase is complete at the end of January, we'll have capacity for 143 residents.” 

It's great news for the 143 lives that will be affected so positively by the place they will get to stay and the care that they will receive. However, in order for those residents to receive care, HavenGroup needs to hire staff.

Driedger explains how Rest Haven’s staffing needs have risen with the facility’s expansion.

“Before the expansion, we were at about 125 staff. Over the course of this last year we’ve hired 102 new personnel, so now we're sitting at about 225 staff. It's been incredible to have so many qualified people join the HavenGroup family.”

Because the final phase of the building expansion is nearly done, the hiring of direct care staff will need to happen fairly soon. 

Driedger says to go from Rest Haven’s 96-bed arrangement to 143 beds, HavenGroup is looking to hire about 10 to 12 RNs and LPNs, and about 20 Resident Assistants (Healthcare Aides) for February 2023.

“Staff that joined us over this past year say it’s because of a sense of mission, a sense of loving seniors, a sense of contributing to a place that feels like home,” reflects Driedger. “They desire to work in an environment that's supportive. Working with the same staff regularly. Those who have joined us over this last year have said that they find this environment very inviting.”

A caregiver spends time with a resident at Rest Haven. Photo credit: Haven Group

The inviting atmosphere is a result not only because of the state of art facility , but the positive work climate for staff, and a sense of community connection for residents created by the small household arrangement within Rest Haven. 

“Residents live in households of 12. It’s very personal, with a lot of space for a variety of activities, and the residents and their families feel loved and supported.”

Driedger suggests that local RNs, LPNs, and Resident Assistants / Health Care Aides who currently drive long distances to work every day may find that working within their home community could add to their own quality of life, while enhancing the quality of life of our community’s seniors. 

“Explore HavenGroup, ask questions, seek us out,” invites Driedger. “This is a great opportunity to enjoy the new facility, experience a sense of teamwork and belonging, and contribute in a meaningful way.”

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