Don't be surprised to see a lot of people out running today.

Wednesday, June 5th is Global Running Day. It was a day started years ago by the New York Road Runners, one of the world's largest run clubs. The club organizes the annual New York City Marathon and has a mandate to get people running.

Greg Penner is race organizer of Let's Run Steinbach, an event held annually in May. He applauds Global Running Day as a way of getting people active, in a non-race environment, to celebrate fitness with others.

Penner says though National Doughnut Day and National Pizza Day may garner notoriety, Global Running Day is the one worth celebrating. And that is why this year he decided to promote it in Steinbach.

On Wednesday at 6 am, Penner led a group of about 16 runners through the Steinbach Soccer Park. He says with the sun rising and a layer of fog on the fields, it was a beautiful morning to share miles together.

"I often say when you run with others, it's kind of like the campfire experience," explains Penner. "You just kind of share your stories, you are all coming from different walks of life, you are kind of sharing the journey together and you just kind of bond in a new way that you don't if you just sit around and talk."

For those who missed the morning run, Penner is organizing a second run today. He says they will gather at the picnic shelter at AD Penner Park at 5:15 pm. Those looking to take part can either run the 5 km loop or 2 km loop.

"I'm excited if two people show up or one hundred people show up," says Penner. "I just want to see people kind of enjoy the day together."

Penner says the run is open to people of all ages and fitness level. He says people can push a stroller if they want or run with their dog.

According to Penner, the New York Road Runners is trying to get one million children around the world to go for a run today. He says Steinbach has a great running community, with growth at the youth level. This was evident by the 410 children under the age of nine who took part in last month's Let's Run.

"To see the response, we got four hundred and ten kids is absolutely phenomenal," says Penner.

He is hoping running will be seen as a great option for people to stay fit as they age.

"You don't have to do a whole lot to get a really good benefit," says Penner. "It's free, it's healthy, it's outside, its wonderful."