The fire chief for Ste. Anne is hopeful the rain is going to reduce the fire danger from cotton seeds that have been floating around for the past couple of weeks. 

Bob Saindon and his crew were called out on Saturday afternoon to a grass fire. 

“We had a trailer, an older mobile home, catch on fire because of this,” he notes. “It was abandoned with nobody in it.” 

They were called to the fire at around 2:30pm. Then around 3pm, they asked Richer Fire Department to give them a hand. 

Saindon says they did not make it home until around 9pm. He adds the cause of the fire is unknown. 

Meanwhile, Saindon says the highly flammable cotton seeds always increase the risk of a fire spreading at a rapid pace. Trees have released an additional number of seeds this spring, covering the ground. 

He really hopes the rain will improve that situation. 

“The problem we had this year is the fluff from the trees, so that’s very volatile actually. It almost burns like gasoline, so we got to be very careful out there now,” Saindon says. “But I think with this rain we got now; I think that's going to knock all that stuff down.” 

Meantime, he is asking us to avoid any open fires until the cotton seeds are no longer a fire danger.