When Josh Beaupré made his way to the golf course on Thursday, he was not prepared for the unusual start to his game. 

Beaupré made the drive from Winnipeg to Quarry Oaks for a round with his uncle, and admits he was a bit tired having missed out on his morning coffee. 

His first hole was Oak #1, playing 334 yards from the white tees with his 3 wood, Beaupré sent his ball sailing toward the green but lost sight of it. 

“When we went out there, I couldn’t find my ball,” he says. “So, I played another ball, upset that I lost my ball. Then when my uncle tapped his putt in, there was a ball in the hole, it was my ball with my initials on it.” 

This was a strange turn of events. Beaupré thought his first swing was a good one and the ball was close to the green, but he was quite discouraged after spending some time looking for it and coming up empty. 

“I knew that I hit it past the group that was in front of us, and I was like, ‘man, these guys picked up my ball.’ I was not impressed. I thought I lost my ball on the first hole.” 

Beaupré says they even checked with the group ahead of them to make sure that nobody was messing with them. 

“It’s definitely a memory, a bucket list item checked off.” 

While it was a remarkable start to his game, Beaupré says he only shot an 89. 

“Not the best round of my life,” he says. “But I think for a good four or five holes after the first one I was just in a daze anyway. I didn't really care, made a few double bogeys for sure.” 

All the same, starting the round with a hole in one on a par 4 has Beaupré feeling pretty good. 

“It was the best day. Still pretty surreal and still kind of in disbelief.” 

-With files from Kenton Dyck