Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen gives the RCMP the credit for peacefully ending the blockade in Emerson.

Goertzen says he fully supports Canadian's right to peacefully protest, but we need to be mindful of the rights of others as well, adding “Particularly, we have been talking about the border blockade at Emerson, truck drivers were trying to get through to do the work that they do. There is a tremendous amount of economic activity going between us and the United States.”

of arrest, they didn't need any additional powers, they could exercise that authority if they chose to but it was their belief that the best way and the most effective way to do it was through negotiations. We supported them."

Listen to the whole conversation with Kelvin Goertzen:

With that said, Goertzen says he believes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act was unnecessary and overreaching.

"When you look at the Emergencies Act, it has wide, broad, sweeping powers, and powers, in Manitoba, that are proven not to have been necessary when it comes to dealing with the blockade. At the border, there was a negotiated settlement as a result of six days of discussions with the RCMP. The Emergencies Act that Mr. Trudeau is invoking, wasn't necessary."

On February 2nd, Goertzen says Manitoba Public Health committed to lifting all restrictions by spring which is on March 20th. He notes now that there is an official and public plan to lift proof of vaccination and mask requirements by March 15th, they have lived up to that commitment. He notes it is now time for the federal government to deal with vaccine mandates at the border.

"Every other province in Canada, or virtually every other province in Canada has provided their plan in terms of how the mandates are going to lift because they are able to do so now but the federal government hasn't done that. That is what has sparked a lot of these protests. We are still calling upon them to come up with that plan and share it with Canadians."