More details on the big announcement Tuesday morning regarding the proposed Olywest pork plant in Winnipeg.

Big Sky Farms and Olymel from Quebec announced their withdrawal from the project Tuesday morning.  But Hytek in La Broquerie is now taking full control of the Olywest project.  Vice President of Business Development Guy Beaudry says Hytek has been the majority partner from the beginning and is committed to seeing this project through to completion.  Hytek will continue to pursue the environmental license and will seek further expertise as needed.  Manitoba Pork Council Chair Karl Kynoch says the pause placed on the hog industry by the Manitoba government is responsible for this breakdown in a solid partnership, but he is pleased this facility will continue and is confident Hytek will be able to make this plant a reality.

Producer Eric Peters of Randolph, west of Steinbach, is pleased with the news. He says it's a good idea to have another hog processing plant in Manitoba and he's happy to hear Hytek has the vision and enthusiasm to move ahead. And producer Ray Unger of the Mitchell area says it's a relief that Hytek is moving forward because it would have been a blow to the industry had the project been shelved.