The Ward Six councillor for the Rural Municipality of Hanover has decided to run for reeve.
Jim Funk has represented the Grunthal area the last four years. Prior to that, he spent two terms or eight years on the Local Urban District committee of Grunthal. 

Funk says after Hanover Reeve Stan Toews announced in May that he would not be seeking re-election, he was encouraged by other councillors and friends to run for that position.

"A number of people have said right from the beginning that they kind of thought that I would be the one to step up to the plate," says Funk. "I certainly enjoy serving as councillor and I'll continue trying my best within the reeve position."

Funk, who grew up in the Grunthal area, says during his four years as councillor, he has helped accomplish a number of projects in his community. This includes adding development, purchasing a park and improving walking paths in the community. He notes they have also done a number of road improvements, including straightening Road 28N and redoing Froese Road. Funk is also helping with plans to bring a splash pad to Grunthal.

If elected head of council on October 26th, Funk says there is one particular major project he would like to focus on. He notes plans for a regional wastewater treatment plant have been discussed for many years and it is time that comes to fruition.

"I would just like to really focus on that because that would be something huge for our municipality in the coming years," notes Funk. "If that is something I could accomplish within the four years, I think that would be a big thing for us."

Meanwhile, Funk says he has learned a lot from Reeve Stan Toews. 

"When you have an individual that has committed 27 years of his life to the municipality, I don't know if I can add anything at this point to something like that," he admits. "I certainly have learned a lot from Stan."

He refers to Toews as a very good reeve, wishing him all the best in retirement.

Funk notes change is inevitable, but says he is not eyeing the seat of Reeve in order to bring about big change in Hanover.