Nancy Limneos is always open to trying new things.

Since taking ownership of Hotel La Broquerie, which includes Lab Country Restaurant and Habs Bar, Limneos has introduced new menu items, offered free pool, installed a golf simulator and positioned the business at the heart of the Southeast Manitoba community. And she’s been rewarded with a customer base that continues to grow.

“We have a lot of customers, a lot of regular customers, and our staff has quadrupled,” she says. “We’ve done very well with the food, and our menu is awesome. We’ve brought in entertainment, started wing nights and hosted socials.”

She adds: “If you haven’t been to Hotel La Broquerie, I’d invite you to come down and try it.”

Perhaps, for example, on a Wednesday or Thursday, when wings are on sale. Or, maybe in the morning for a steak and egg breakfast. Or for supper, to sample one of Lab Restaurant’s famous burgers.

“Our burgers and wings are a hit, and we have a burger special every week,” Limneos explains. “Every week there’s a new burger that our cooks come up with, and everybody just loves those. I don’t think there’s anything on the menu that people don’t like. It’s a good mix.”

Habs Bar, too, always seems to have something going on.

The pool tables are free to use each Wednesday and Sunday, and the pool league that just wrapped up will get going again in September. Limneos also purchased a golf simulator in November that is becoming more and more popular.

“As soon as the snow disappears, everyone’s going to be heading back to the golf course,” she says. “So you might as well start getting ready for it now!”

The hotel’s hospitality even extends into its parking lot.

Last year, Limneos explains, La Broquerie Farmers’ Market approached her about using her property for their vendors one Saturday per month thru September. It ended up being such a success that, starting in June, the markets will take place every Saturday.

“People would come one Saturday and then expect it to be every Saturday,” she recalls. “There was a demand for it. So this year each Saturday there’s going to be a flea market in the parking lot.”

Hotel La Broquerie has also proved to be a popular venue for wedding socials and other community events. With a capacity of 300, a dance floor and a space already licensed for liquor, Habs Bar is a natural host for gatherings of all sizes. Plus, Limneos adds, guests can always stay in one of the hotel’s rooms, equipped with free WIFI, if they prefer.

For her and her business, success is bound up in the wellbeing of the entire community.

“Look at a community and it doesn’t involve just a single person,” she says. “If everyone works together, everyone survives – not just one. And you have to be involved in everything because it’s all tied together.”

Hotel La Broquerie, at 3 Rue des Pignons, can be reached by calling (204) 424-5302. Their services, including the restaurant, bar, menu, events and accommodations, can also be browsed by visiting their website.