The new football field at A.D. Penner Park

The Eastman Raiders Football Club is looking forward to a first class home field this fall.

The City of Steinbach began rebuilding the facility at A.D. Penner park last year. Russ Dyck, head of Parks and Recreation, says it has turned out great. He explains, "We reshaped it, essentially crowned the field, so we have improved drainage off the field. This will obviously encourage the grass growth. (We're) not anticipating as much wear and tear on the grass with the water shedding off properly. With that we also installed irrigation so during dry periods we can water it." He notes they have started watering in the past week.

Grass was sowed last fall and has come in very nicely. Dyck says,"The grass is establishing itself very well actually. So, we are hoping to be ready for play later this August."

He notes they are still working on subsurface drainage on the bleacher side of the field but everything should be ready to go for the season opener.