(Video credit: carsfromchris.ca)

A suspect, awaiting trial for second-degree murder, escaped from the Headingley Correctional Centre earlier today and was nabbed by RCMP officers northeast of Ste. Anne.

According to police, at around 11:45 AM on Wednesday, the 21-year-old male escaped prison, stole a truck, and fled.

Multiple RCMP units including the Emergency Response Team and Police Dog Services responded immediately. Officers were able to locate the truck and attempted to pull it over, however, the suspect refused to stop.

A large number of RCMP vehicles continued to pursue the escaped prisoner, with lights and sirens activated. Finally, after following him along highways and gravel roads, the evasive driver lost control of his vehicle and hit the ditch near the intersection of Road 40E and Road 49N just northeast of Ste. Anne.

Police say the suspect was arrested without further incident. He is again in custody and facing multiple charges.

RCMP add the investigation is ongoing.