Island Breeze is starting up a fundraiser called Taste of the Nations. 

Isi Masi with Island Breeze explains they are hoping to hold a few different meal fundraisers throughout the year, as they would like to showcase food from different areas. 

"We're starting with a little bit of East Indian flavor, which has a very big influence in the Pacific islands.” 

Masi and other Island Breeze staff will cook and deliver the meals for $15 per meal. 

For those who don’t know, Masi explains that Island Breeze is a charity here in Southeast Manitoba that teaches on faith and culture. 

“We've been able to go out all the way West to Vancouver Island. Last year we were at a reservation community where we brought youths,” he says. “And we're taking another program this year. It's going to be a six-week program where we go all across the West.” 

He says that these programs widen your perspective. 

"So we continue to pour into youth that way, and then it (the fundraiser) will also just be able to help us run as a ministry for the year.” 

Food ordered from Taste of the Nations will be delivered as lunch, but it can be saved and heated up later for dinner. 

“For 15 bucks, you're gonna have beef mince curry with rice roti, and then we have this amazing lentil soup that we made at a fundraiser last year that a lot of people really loved with chutney.” 

To place your food order for either April 5th or April 12th, call 204-371-1765 or email 

For April 5th, lunch orders must be placed by Wednesday, March 29th, and for April 12th, lunch orders must be placed by Wednesday, April 5th.


With files from Michelle Sawatzky