Voters in the Town of Ste. Anne will see Yvan St. Vincent’s name on the ballot for mayor when municipal elections take place in fall. 

St. Vincent is nearing the end of his second term as a town councillor and currently holds the position of Deputy Mayor.

“It’s been eight years on council so I kind of got to know the ins and outs of what that looks like in the governance of a municipality, which I had no idea of before,” says St. Vincent. “And I think in the two terms we've had we've had a great group and I just want to keep what I feel is a really good momentum in town going.” 

St. Vincent would like to see the town continue to grow with more residential and business development. 

“I think one area we need to grow in some more is to bring more small and medium sized business into town and to support the current businesses we have,” he says. “We've heard that positive feedback from our current businesses. Obviously with the increased population they've seen a growth in their sales and that's been excellent to hear, but we want to add more diverse things.” 

He says it is also important to hold the line on taxes. To do that, St. Vincent says it is necessary to grow the population and business sector. He notes the town has been able to expand and improve recreational opportunities during the past eight years, and he credits the growing tax base for being able to cover those costs without having to increase taxes. 

St. Vincent says it feels right to run for mayor at this time after learning current mayor Richard Pelletier will not be seeking re-election.