For week 16,  November 12th to the 18th, CPKC moved approximately 539,000 metric tonnes of grain and grain products to markets throughout North America and to the port for export. 

Elizabeth Hucker, CPKC'S assistant vice president of marketing and sales for bulk says grain movement is still well below their available capacity.

She adds rail car fulfillment performance has remained above the 90 per cent threshold.

"For the last four consecutive weeks, things are moving well to Vancouver and Thunder Bay now with the Labor Action ceased and we're seeing strong movements of empty's back from the ports as they unload to create supply for our customers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta."

She says CPKC's new network moves grain from Canada into the U.S. and now into Mexico and their customers are really excited about the new opportunities that it brings including in the bulk portfolio. 

"It's not just about moving grains from Western Canada to new markets in the southern United States or Mexico. It's also about opening up new opportunities for fertilizer shipments to Western Canada, as we can now receive product directly off the Mississippi River at St. Louis.  Things are moving very well in fertilizer. There's been strong demand for all three potash, nitrogen and phosphate throughout Western Canada so far this fall. We've had positive feedback from our customers about transit times from origin to destinations in Western Canada.  There's been strong demand for potash both domestically,  as well as to the export markets through Vancouver and Thunder Bay. Overall fertilizer has seen strong shipments across the fall season. "

Hucker notes that while we've had a break in the weather CPKC is also spending time planning and preparing for the winter and the different scenarios that can arise.