Quinton Blair was not messing around with his concert this past weekend in New Bothwell. 

He showed up at the Summer Fair with more than a full band. 

“I can’t remember the last time I hired a six-piece band to come and play,” Blair chuckles. 

He says it’s a lot of fun to be on stage with so many talented musicians. 

Blair shares a recent ‘small town’ experience with one of those musicians. 

“Jeremy Penner, who is an amazing, amazing fiddle player actually, funny story, he grew up on my yard in Landmark,” Blair says. “He came out to my house for rehearsal, and he was going ‘you're not going to believe this, but this is my uncle’s farm,’ and he grew up coming to this farm all the time.” 

Even with the rehearsals, the experienced entertainer admits to feeling some jitters leading up to the show. As the weekend was drawing near, Blair says he kept running through every aspect of the concert, wanting to make sure that everything was perfect. 

“It’s a different mindset,” he explains. “It's not jittery, like ‘walking on stage, I'm nervous, I hope I don't forget the words,’ or ‘I hope I can connect with people,’ but it's just so far out of the normal from what my lifestyle has been for the last two years.” 

This past weekend was filled with summer fun across the Southeast as festival organizers in a few communities worked around some rainy and windy conditions that kicked off Friday and ran into Saturday. 

Along with the New Bothwell Summer Fair, this past weekend saw the Fun and Fair Days return to Blumenort. 

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Days were recognized in La Broquerie, celebrating French-Canadian culture. The weather conditions did not cooperate with plans for a big fireworks display. That was postponed with a new date to be announced.

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