As the 2021 census approaches, Niverville Council is considering their options for RCMP.

“The policing options available to us as a municipality are largely based on where municipal numbers are at,” explains Mayor Myron Dyck, “and one of the numerical thresholds for Niverville is that 5,000 population number.”

According to Dyck, the cost of the RCMP contract escalates for populations over 5,000 and so new opportunities are being considered.

“One option is to see members, that the community is able to pay for, which would then still be under the umbrella of the St Pierre detachment, but where their stationing would be inside Niverville.”

With that option, other communities requiring an RCMP presence could still call on officers in Niverville, but their offices would remain in the town.

The mayor says they have already had preliminary discussions with RCMP and even mentions the possibility of having them move into their 6,000 square foot town office.

“We’re just at the very initial stages,” admits Dyck, “however, we’re pleased to say that preliminary discussions have been happening and are ongoing.”