The southbound lanes of Highway 75 from Morris to Ste. Agathe will be closed again for the next while.

In May of last year, Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI) began work on a 24.5-kilometre long concrete reconstruction project of the southbound lanes. A provincial spokesperson says there is still a six-kilometre long section of the project, just north of Morris, that will be completed this summer.

In addition to that six-kilometre long section, there are also components of work required to finalize construction of the entire stretch of the southbound lanes from Morris to Ste. Agathe. 

As a result, MTI will be closing the southbound lanes beginning Friday at 11 am. The province has not indicated how long this closure will be in effect. 

During the closure, all traffic will be detoured onto the northbound lanes. The detour will allow the contractor to complete the remaining requirements through the entire construction area more quickly.