Motorists will have to wait a couple more weeks before driving down the newly constructed southbound lanes of Highway 75.

In spring, crews began the task of rebuilding the highway from Ste. Agathe to Morris. The work includes 27.7 kilometres of surface reconstruction, as well as shoulder, drainage and intersection improvements. The surface is being reconstructed using concrete pavement. 

In a statement from the province, a spokesperson says final preparations are underway to return traffic to the southbound lanes. Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure anticipates the southbound lanes will re-open in mid-November. 

According to the province, there is a six-kilometre stretch north of Morris that will only be completed in 2024. However, this six-kilometre stretch is also expected to be restored, dependent on weather, by mid-November. The province says this six-kilometre stretch will then be restricted again to one lane for construction in 2024.

Meanwhile, there is also a section of southbound lanes at and in the vicinity of the intersection of Provincial Road 205 that has not been rebuilt. A provincial spokesperson says that stretch will be left as is. The spokesperson says that stretch was previously reconstructed in 2010 and remains in good condition. Temporary traffic signals were placed at this intersection for construction.

For more than five months now, all traffic along Highway 75 between Ste. Agathe and Morris has been using the northbound lanes. As a result, traffic has been slowed to 80 kilometres per hour.

Back in May, the province noted that its expectation was for the southbound lanes to reopen before the end of October. 


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